The magic of 69: Give your oral sex a 180º turn!

What I like most about being an adult is knowing how to play as a girl. Above all, the fact of being aware that sex is not giving or receiving, eating or being eaten, but enjoying - if possible - at the same time as my partner. Because feeling simultaneous joy is magical. And knowing that magic is nothing other than the instant achievement of desire and that, magic and desire, have - definitely - a common number, whose formulation is as attractive as constant and recurring: (6 × 9) + (6 + 9 )… And its result is always 69!

At the service of oral sex: a total cunnilingus - Erotic story

My body trembled. The abdomen was raised above the thorax while the hips pushed my sex anarchic against his mouth. I put on doggy style. An extreme internal heat preluded rivers of constant joy that flowed into his tongue, lips and cheeks when I realized that several fingers were inside me … I was 25 years old and my hot vulva asked, cried, demanded the best oral sex. He was 25 years old and was about to discover the honeys of a total cunnilingus.

The black kiss: origin, hygiene, types and pleasures of oral anal sex

Black kiss, hummingbird or Polish kiss, analingus or annilingus (in English, rim job, rimming or tossing the salad ) is all the rage. That is, people already talk about anal oral sex in a more or less open way. There are readers of the blog who ask us for advice on how to practice it and followers who ask us if it is normal for men to like it; We must question whether it is healthy and the vast majority send us emails so that we write an article that looks at the what, how and why of this sexual practice.

How to ruin orgasm when they make you the best cunnilingus

Sometimes, sex is funny … Tod @ s, in one way or another, we have ruined some erotic situation in a funny way; we fall while we undress, the twin climbs when we do the cowgirl or we hit our head against the wall in the moment of greatest excitement. In many occasions, these small accidents are the result of an excess of passion (or drinks!). But, there is a case in which the comedy is mixed with the frustration of not consummating a great orgasm as a couple: and the better a cunnilingus is, the worse are the past that oral pleasure can play.

The hard sex story of a psychologist (part III): Blowjobs - Erotic story

Here is the third erotic story of this popular hard sex series. His title “Blowjobs” seems to say it all, but there is much more … I can only tell you that, at this point, Elsa is a wild beast determined to consummate her wildest desires. If you wish, you can start the series here: The hard sex story of a psychologist (part I): Voyeur . Or continue in The Hard Sex Story of a Psychologist (Part II): the car .

The recipe for orgasm with cunnilingus - Oral sex

Let's talk clearly: reaching orgasm with a cunnilingus is not a mathematical thing. Oral sex is not adding 2 + 2; sex, in general, is not an exact science, but an art at the service of a specific sensitivity that, in addition, is variable. I explained in article 5 ways to make the best cunnilingus and, since then, I have received many messages asking me if there was a more concrete way to make women reach the desired climax.