The black kiss: origin, hygiene, types and pleasures of oral anal sex

Black kiss, hummingbird or Polish kiss, analingus or annilingus (in English, rim job, rimming or tossing the salad ) is all the rage. That is, people already talk about anal oral sex in a more or less open way. There are readers of the blog who ask us for advice on how to practice it and followers who ask us if it is normal for men to like it; We must question whether it is healthy and the vast majority send us emails so that we write an article that looks at the what, how and why of this sexual practice. Well, your wishes are orders.

What is the black kiss or analingus

Well, you will have already deduced that it is any way that adopts oral sex with the anus. And so it is, when the tongue caresses it we say that it is a black kiss and when it is introduced into the sphincter, we call it a hummingbird or Polish kiss. As you know, the movement of the hummingbird's wings is hyper fast, so the reference is obvious. What is not clear to us is where it comes from being “Polish” …

We have read that, with a certain eschatological sarcasm, they also call it “squid in its ink” or “casserole washing”. Precisely, one of the forms in English refers to something similar: “taking out / eating salad” or tossing the salad . They say that this expression was forged in prisons, when inmates practiced it by smearing their asses with vegetables and vegetables … Although, the most common is to call it as rimming or a rim job .

Black kiss: hygienic and preventive measures

To all STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) that can be spread through a cunnilingus or fellatio , many more should be added. On this site we advise you to do it with a trusted couple and adopt hygienic and preventive measures such as shaving the hair of the perineum and around the anus, washing the outside of the sphincter with the soap foam (only with the foam!) And take Make an intense mouth brush and rinse who will do it. Of course, if you have any minor injuries to your mouth or anus, you will have to postpone it until it heals.

On the other hand, introducing a condom is a great idea, especially if you are going to make a hummingbird kiss: remember to insert the condom with a water-based lubricant to avoid both breaking it and any possible allergic reaction (see this article, if you suffer from latex allergy ).

How to make a black kiss

We will go to practice, but not before reminding you that it is not usually something that has a good reception when it is done by surprise. That is, talk to your partner before!

External annilingus You can start with other preliminary erotic games like massages, before your tongue caresses the area. Also, it is advisable to start licking the perineum (the part between the penis or the vagina and the anus) to accustom your partner to the type of sensation they will experience. Here, who provides the oral sex can play with the pressure that it exerts with the tongue: many people find that mild damp force against their pelvic floor pleasant. Now, bring the tip of the tongue conveniently salivated towards the ends of the sphincter. Regardless of whether your partner is a man or a woman, simultaneous masturbation at this point will delight who is receiving it.

How to move the tongue? Try different speeds, pressure and directions (fundamentally, from top to bottom or with circular movements) and wait to hear the first moans of your lover, to know what is the most appropriate rhythm.

With regard to sexual positions, these can be very varied: it is feasible to do it standing , sitting or lying down and, of course, during a 69 .

Internal annilingus Before starting a Polish or hummingbird kiss, it is more than advisable to have started other sexual games . And after them, make an external black kiss that, gradually, leads to the introduction of the tongue. At this point, there are 2 possibilities; namely, that anal penetration is minimal or total.

The first case is very suggestive for beginners because you can test if the kiss encourages your partner erotically. If so, follow the same instructions as the external one. That is, try speeds and directions with the language.

When it is introduced in its entirety, it is best to make large circles slowly accompanied by penis masturbation or even grabbing the testicles, if your partner is a man and that was a desirable masturbatory technique ; or with the clitoris or G- spot massage , depending on the most pleasant onanist pleasure for women.

The sexual posture? Well 69 or standing (while who provides it is squatting). If you have a bathtub of large dimensions, you would have a very suitable sexual place for a doggy-style bath, while whoever plays with the tongue in a sitting position, can also easily add their hands to the commendable task of the excitement of others.

Pleasures of anal oral sex

Surely you have wondered why this fashion, why you attract or why your partner does not stop asking you to do it. Well, we have an answer for everything.

First, if oral sex such as cunnilingus or fellatio has been taboo until a few decades ago, any sexual practice that refers to the stimulation of the anus remains - in some way - a forbidden fruit. Although, every time it is less, in many occasions it persists as a topic of conversation that avoids or causes blushes. However, these coercive elements, far from being a brake, are configured as an incentive to execute it. And there is no better incentive than a “don't do this.” In addition, the truth is that this is a sexual practice as old as humanity.

But why do we want to try it? Quite simply, no moral can go against the sensations that our erogenous zones give us. And yes, the anus and the perineum are two of them; and, even if we don't recognize it by word, we know it de facto. To put it another way, we intuit sexual joy regardless of the reasons with which we curl our daily actions. And, in addition, the black kiss allows the couple to comfortably and simultaneously masturbate, adding tons of satisfaction to this practice.

Finally, if we add to this that oral sex is one of the most desirable and demanded pleasures for what it has as intimate, sensual and pleasant, then we have a time bomb as a sexual desire.

Ladies and gentlemen, don't let it explode !; discuss it with your partners as if trying another sexual position is about; take appropriate hygiene and prevention measures; and enjoy (and make enjoy) an annilingus, if that is your desire.