The magic of 69: Give your oral sex a 180º turn!

What I like most about being an adult is knowing how to play as a girl. Above all, the fact of being aware that sex is not giving or receiving, eating or being eaten, but enjoying - if possible - at the same time as my partner. Because feeling simultaneous joy is magical. And knowing that magic is nothing other than the instant achievement of desire and that, magic and desire, have - definitely - a common number, whose formulation is as attractive as constant and recurring: (6 × 9) + (6 + 9 )… And its result is always 69!

The most egalitarian oral sex is, for pleasure or repulsion, the number in everyone's mouth . But do you like and / or know how to play it? If you are one of those people who find trouble getting pleasure and desist ( or pretend ) in the attempt, or simply want to expand or confirm your knowledge, you have reached the right article. Do you want to know how to enjoy with a 69 ?

Concentration and coordination. These are the two enemies that men and women can find before the posture of the most egalitarian Kama Sutra , as far as domination and submission can have sexual positions, and above all, those that refer to oral sex. Fellatio and / or cunnilingus , 69 not only places you indistinctly on or under your partner, but links the bodies in perfect harmony, linking the sexes to the soundboard of words - the physical space where your thoughts (and the of your partner!) become matter. Well, there are not many things with as much magic as when mouths become the engine of other people's sensations and, pretentious of simultaneous orgasms, combine seduction so that the sound of sex materializes in deaf moans in unison. Having said that, I leave the lyric aside and I propose a trip to the magical world of oral sex, from problems to concentrate or coordinate , to solutions with an extra perversion. You just have to read, practice … and enjoy!

“I don't like 69 because I don't concentrate and I lose coordination.”

If this is the reason why you do not want to practice 69, it is probably because you get carried away by the feelings that your partner causes you. First of all, I must tell you that it is not a bad start. Well, without a doubt, what worries you is to be able to provide pleasure while you receive it. How to coordinate your feelings with your techniques?

# 1 Accurate communication: speak clearly, describing exactly what language games keep your excitement, without losing your mind.

# 2 Felations : If the fellatio you receive prevents you from coordinating, tell your partner to lower the pace of stimulation. For example, if it drives you crazy to play with your tongue on your glans, ask him to suck with his lips. In this way, you will not get excited so quickly and you can concentrate to masturbate and apply your oral techniques at the same time.

# 3 Cunnilingus : A recipe similar to the previous one, although in this case we can generalize with more success. Tell your partner to start slowly on your vulva and gently through your outer lips. From here, try to delight yourself while providing oral and manual sex.

# 4 Erotic games: You can also do activities to get used to, before starting 69. For example, you can tell your partner to start eating while you try to paint your nails or read a book aloud. In addition to having a super fun time, it will serve as a concentration exercise.

“Coordinating makes me lose focus on my pleasure.”

In this case, the problem is exactly the opposite of the previous one.

# 1 Communication with tact: Telling your partner that your sex distracts you is a delicate thing. So try to propose games by adding a perversion bonus.

# 2 Fellatio: Sometimes, great fellatio begins with good masturbation. But if this doesn't work, you should know that there are many exploratory techniques focused on male arousal. Do you know if your partner is excited to be touched or pinched nipples? Have you tried anal massage ? These are undoubtedly options that can implement the hardness of the member during 69.

# 3 Cunnilingus: Although it seems a lie, women have it easier in this section. Couples have a whole range of possibilities to our sexual desire to increase arousal during shared oral sex. To know what puts us more: from clitoral vibrators , massagers for G- spot and / or anal plugs , to my personal recommendation: Chinese vibrating balls . Tell him to introduce them and put the stimulation mode with which you are comfortable, while dedicating his tongue to your clitoris.

# 4 Erotic games: You can also try a simple classic to accommodate you. Do you like cream? Put cream on it. Are you excited to see some type of lingerie or do not want to see anything? Buy a corset or a mask …